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Middle & Upper School Library: Noodle Tools

What is Noodle Tools?

NoodleTools is a web-based student research service that helps you correctly cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

Use NoodleTools throughout a research project to track your sources, take notes, create outlines, collaborate with classmates, and format and print your bibliography.



Access Noodle Tools from your SHA Google Account!

Helping to inspire students to be authentic independent and collaborative scholars

NoodleTools Overview

NoodleTools Teacher Help Videos

Part I: - What is Noodletools

- How to  login and what are the options - How can you use it yourself and with students


Part 2 -  Projects 

- The Toolbar/Dashboard - Creating projects - Citation Levels (Starter, Junior, and Advanced) - MLA, APA, and Chicago - Importing Sources - Adding Sources


Part 3 - Notecards

- Creating notecards from sources - Notecard Tabletop view - Notecard Detail View - Sorting notecards


Part 4 - Teacher Feedback / From Notes to Product/Writing

- Teacher Inboxes - Checking student work - Comments - student view - Exporting your notecards to begin writing

What else does Noodle Tools Do?

Use NoodleTools to:

  • Take notes
  • Separate quotations, paraphrases, and your own ideas to avoid plagiarism
  • Create an outline
  • Collaborate with classmates
  • Make a project to-do list
  • Write your paper (through Google Docs)

Features and advantages of NoodeTools

Teaching tool

  • Teaches evaluation and analysis; not simply a "machine" that automates the process.
  • Extensive help for each citation element at the point of need.
  • Guides learner through difficult decisions about the source material.
  • Fast, personal responses to individual citation questions.
  • Generates parenthetical reference for each citation, with additional advanced help.
  • Checks for mistakes in punctuation, abbreviations, and more.

Promotes ethical research

  • Ease of use and expert advice gives students confidence to cite even the trickiest sources.
  • Online notecards capture author's words, images, graphs, and original formatting.
  • Software guides student through paraphrasing and prompts for original thinking.
  • Built-in editor enables annotation of notes, improving comprehension, analysis and reflection.
  • Notecards linked to citations to ensure proper attribution.

Assessment for learning

  • Students share working bibliographies and notecards with teachers for feedback.
  • While viewing a student's citation form, teacher can insert comments and ask questions.
  • Statistical graphs analyze quantity, variety and currency of sources.

Convenient and up-to-date

  • Web-based, saved work can be accessed from any computer, no software to install.
  • Bibliographies and notecards can be exported directly to Word.
  • Prompt software changes to conform to current MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian rules.