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Lower School Library Program

The Lower School Library Program is designed to nurture childrens love of literature and their enthusiasm for investigating the existing body of language on any given subject of interest. The program along with its varied resources, provides support to classroom and special area teachers. The library curriculum builds skills incrementally over the years, giving the students the ability to independently use and enjoy the library resources. Knowledge and skills gained through the program help to form a strong foundation for lifelong learning.   



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4th Grade Trails Assessment - Session 1


3rd Grade Trails Assessment - Session 1


World Book Kids

Shelve it Game

The Shelve-it or Shelver Game reviews how books are organized in the library.  There are 2 versions to play, Fiction and Dewey, with 3 levels each.

shelve-itImage by Mrs. Lodge

Lower School Library

Lower School Library Borrowing Policies

Sacred Heart Academy School Library Policies:

1.  Print book check outs:  Students may check out library materials during library class, but they may also check out materials during the school day, at the beginning of each day, or at the end of the school day

As we begin the new school year and learn about library responsibilities - 

  • Kindergarten students may check out 1 book per cycle - beginning Cycle 2.  After returning the first book on time, they may check out 2 books.
  • Grade 1 may check out 1 book in Cycle 1. After returning the first book on time, they may check out 2 books.
  •  Grades 2, 3, and 4 may check out 2 books/items per cycle, plus extra books for classroom projects.
  •  Grades 3 & 4 are working up to being able to borrow up to 4 items from the library. Once all students have learned about our library responsibilities, this will take effect.

2.  Loan periods:

         Books may be borrowed for one cycle.  Students may return or renew all books after the material's loan period for one more cycle. if there are no holds placed for the book, the students may renew books as many times as necessary.

3.  Fines and other costs:   There are no fines for students in K -4 grades.  Email and paper notices are sent home from the SHA library.  If a book is damaged beyond future student use, or lost, a $20.00 replacement fee is charged for hardcover books.  A $10.00 replacement fee is charged for lost or damaged paperback books.

4. eBooks- SHA subscribes to MackinVia eBooks. These books can be accessed directly from the library catalog search page or through the direct link on the Library catalog Home page under Lower School Links. The lower school log in is the student ID number (their lunch number) and the password is the same number. Please email the librarian with any questions or concerns.




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