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Middle & Upper School Library: Astronomy


Recommended Podcasts – available on iTunes

·     Astronomy Cast   - They have a show on each of our topics

·     Universe Today 

·     Hubblecast

·     NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

·     NASACast Video

      NASA's Curious Universe

Celebrating Apollo's 50th Anniversary



Apollo in Real Time 

NYTimes - Space and Cosmos

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Astronomy & Space

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NASA Breaking News

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Astronomy Event Links - 4/17/2020

Link to the Mitaka and Stellarium programs.  Mitaka can only be downloaded to a Windows based computer.  The first link is the program itself and the second link is a how to video.


The other program that Don mentioned is Stellarium.  (versions here to download to any computer)


or they also have a web based version -


Recommended app for your phone is Sky Safari -  The AR version (for $2.99) would be the best and most economical choice. 


And lastly, here is a link to the Evening Sky maps.  You can print a map for each month.  I really like how it provides specific dates for viewing objects with your eye, binoculars or a telescope.  It is amazing how much you can see just with your eyes.

Topics in Astronomy

Phy.Org - Astronomy

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