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Middle & Upper School Library: Model UN


Power Teens

Power Teens

Power Teens -

Delaware County LIbrary Databases

You can access the databases directly from the SHA Google waffle and no log-in or password is needed just sign in with your Google school account.


If you access Power Teens from here, you will need the school generic library card number 25918018330229


Suggested Internet Sites

Model UN Resource Links


Model UN Preparation Guide: Includes how to dress, write papers and resolutions, the flow of debate, etc.

United Nations Website

Electronic Embassy: Links to international embassies’ presence in US

UN Treaty Collection



UN Sustainable Goals

Where do I start?

New to Model UN?

  1. First, you will be assigned to a country, then a committee or just a committee.
  2. Once you have your assignment, then you can begin your research. 
  3. You are a representative of whatever country you are assigned.  So BE that country.  Find out THEIR point of view, not the US point of view.
  4. Next, you might want to visit this UN site to find out what the UN recommends you do.


Teacher and Student Guide

For Beginner's: UN Associations Preparation Guide

General UN Resources

United Nations 

  • The official website of the United Nations  

  • Provides access to information on all member states, projects and issues, UN structure and press releases

United Nations Association of the USA

  • A website dedicated to inform, inspire, and mobilize the American people to support the ideals and work of the United Nations  

  • Access to a Model UN guide for teachers with activity guides, lesson plans, templates, and simulations

Model UN Preparation for Students 

  • The United Nations Association of the USA gives prep tips for student participants  

  • An overview of the Model UN process with sections ranging from Caucusing to Dressing for Success UN Peace 

UN Human Rights 

  •  Information on the UN’s human rights missions 

UN Economic and Social Affairs 

  • Information on key issues within economic and social affairs that can be used to research UN-specific information

Tips for Researching Countries

Tips for Researching Your Country

Look up your country’s permanent mission to the UN. You can also call the mission directly to ask questions or request a position statement on an issue.

Find your country’s voting records and read speeches on the United Nations Digital Library website.

Search the UN Website using your country and keywords from your issue to find committees that your country sits on to give you data on how your country feels about certain topics.


Country Information

BBC News Country 

CIA World Factbook

UN Member 

US State Department


Tips for Researching Issues

Tips for Researching Issues

Check out the library's databases for up-to-date developments on an issue. Ask a librarian for help.

Look at the UN Economic and Social Development page, which has an index to some prominent issues as well as a list of UN agencies that work in various issue-areas. Also, through the United Nations Documentation Center, you can find resolutions and voting records from the current and previous years.

Visit non-governmental organization (NGO) websites. NGOs are an important part of the UN system, in part due to the valuable research and information they generate. Look for NGOs that address your topic.

Read academic publications. Although they can be complex, they provide in-depth information on many issues. Professors, students and researchers are constantly conducting studies and publishing papers.